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LEBAH 39 - Pendahuluan 3

LEBAH 39 - Pendahuluan 3

A Bit About Bees...

A honey is an insect that carries pollen from to and produces .
There are 3 types of s in a colony- a queen bee ,
worker bees, and drones.
The worker bee and the queen are both female bees but only the queen is allowed to reproduce.The drones are the male bees.
The worker bees have many jobs including cleaning, finding pollen ,
building new comb,taking care of baby bees (called larvae) etc.
The drones only job is to mate with the queen and the queen's only job is to lay eggs.
The honey has 3 basic body parts - a head, an abdomen, and a thorax
On the head, the has 5 s, a pair of antennae, a tongue, and jaws called mandibles
s use the tongue to suck water, nectar, and .
They use mandibles for moving around pollen and shaping beeswax.
The thorax is the middle portion of the and it contains muscles.
The has 2 pairs of wings and 3 pairs of legs.
On the legs of a honey are special structures and hair that help the clean itself and carry pollen.
The abdomen is the longest part of a honey and has most of the important organs.
It is covered with hard segments that protect the and also help keep it from drying up.
The sting (found only in female bees) is on the tip of the abdomen.
The abdomen also contains glands like the scent and wax-secreting glands in worker bees, male reproductive organs in the drone bees, and female reproductive organs in the queen bee.

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